Bourley Road Update


I met with a representative of the MoD today to discuss on site the various concerns that we have locally about the fencing in of the training grounds to the north of Bourley Road. We spent in excess of three hours walking the area and looking at access points.

These are the main points to report:

The fence is identical in design to that used around other military training areas to the east of Aldershot. Such fencing has been in place for quite sometime and has not caused issues for deer. Since the reports of an injured deer the rangers went out looking for the distressed animal, but it was never found. If anyone knows someone who saw the animal in distress, please can you have them contact me, thank you.

I have also seen the extent of the road works on Bourley Road itself. It went way beyond anything I was expecting. A large section of carriageway has been excavated out and is being built back up with huge ballast blocks. It is the biggest bit of road engineering I've seen in this area. The road should be much safer and be of a standard that it can be adopted by Hampshire County Council in the near future.

Best Regards,

James Radley