Tony Case Obituary


  Tony Case

26th July 1939 - 28th June 2019

Fruit'n Nut

Tony Case was born on 26th July 1939. He survived the London bombing during the Second World War and at school showed great promise as a runner and high jumper. He joined the Army, was commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps and became much involved with Air Despatch. Service took him to the Far East in the early 1960s where he was introduced to Hashing and never looked back.  He simply became an addicted Hasher and was responsible for founding several packs. He also attended the annual Nijmegen Marches for a number of years and latterly commanded the British contingent. He ran in some 100 marathons over the years but Hashing was without doubt his great love. Put your running shoes up, Tony and RIP...