Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ian Angell (Hippo), Roland Cox (Fairy Snow), Sanyu Cox (Fuggles) and, Anne Holland (Cloggs).

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!  Deepcut Hashers where were you on 13 Sep?  If there had been no NH4 members on the run, the Hare would have been all on his own!!  The sun shone for most of the run that set off on the path at the back of The Foresters with JGG to the fore having led the pack astray at the start.  Meanwhile, Cloggs at the back spotted the blob off through the trees to the right and soon the pack (all four of them as Hippo and FS were walking towards a point where they could cut out the first half of the run) took off on the right trail.  At the approach to a multi-junction JGG nearly got it right with Cloggs well to the fore straight on and OT well off course and Fuggles hedging her bets.  Having called OT back, she spotted the trail almost parallel to JGG’s direction.  The trail went through open countryside and over a stile into woodland to be confronted by a deep, wet ditch that did not cause any apparent problem.  It was then up through some rough woodland and out into the open near Norris Bridge.  After a hint, JGG found the entry to a largely overgrown path through woodland and eventually up to the open ridge top before going down to the crossing point over the road leading to Church Crookham. On the far side, a right turn down through more forest the trail ran vaguely parallel to the road for a while before leading on to the vehicle test track.  For some while the trail followed the track until OT found the turn that led us back towards The Foresters after which she headed up a wrong hill. It was in The Foresters that we enjoyed our refreshments and chatter.

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The pack resplendent in new 500th run plumage with just a few connoisseurs in the burgundy-coloured T-shirts.

Hares: Colin Crofts (French Leave), Lesley Crofts (NNY) and Gerd Schafer (NNY)

Hounds: Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Anna Elder (Janet'n John), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Ian Angell (Hippo), Roland Cox (Fairy Snow), Sanyu Cox (Fuggles), Tim Dodd (Hanging About), Pam Dodd (Damp Patch), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Steve Bridges (Hobble), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Martin Potter (Goofy), Luke Ripley (Caboose) and Adam Soane (NNY).

After days of pleasant sunshine the weather was forecast to decline to its more normality of dull rain (heavy rain in the afternoon) and cool breezes.  Were we downhearted?  Were we bothered?  Did we care…?   Oh no! The drizzling rain stopped as we started the run along the road.  The trail, we were told by the hare, had been laid for a real Deepcut meet with few, if any, ‘professional’ front runners. There were to be three regroups and the trail was about four miles. For the front of pack there was Seis as expected, and Cloggs, Hanging About, a long since visited Goofy and Caboose with Jolly Green Giant and Old Thumper all vying for the front.  Those of us at the back of the pack were able to enjoy the sight of many of our new shirts progressing well ahead.  All too soon the fronters were coming back to meet the tail enders who had turned off over a ditch that demanded assistance for Petal followed by MR who asked for a pull from the front and a push from the back provided by Easy Rider and Cloggs. The trail went through signed private property that was of no concern to the pack that transgressed over some very difficult undergrowth (no wonder why it was ‘Private’) over surprisingly hilly countryside. And thus it continued through a mixture of woodland and built-up areas.  Yes, there were patches of real shig but they were easily bypassed.  The well-laid trail was only rubbed out at one spot but otherwise it remained despite the heavy morning rain.  By the time we’d reached the bar, some of the locals were talking about us: “They were running when they passed me.” was countered by “I only saw them walking...” from another.  The Hare and Hounds looked after us well but the higher turnout meant there was a bit of a shortage on the grub side and, sadly, Lesley and Gerd simply couldn’t leave the bar in time to get any.  But, thanks to the hares for laying on a good celebration and thanks to all those who turned up to partake.

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Richard 'Mountain Rescue' McAllister who introduced hashing to Britain in 1969 at Longmoor.

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