Deepcut H3 2018

A link is provided on each Venue Grid Reference to show the map start point for a trail.

Note for Hares: Please check the grid link to ensure that it is in the right start location.

Start time: 3:00pm, unless otherwise stated.

(All venues on OS Map 186 unless stated)






Bourley Road Update


08 May 19 544 Colin Crofts 833444 Bat and Ball GU10 4SA


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Hash numbers coloured green have a write-up. Please click on the number. Greyed out hashes have already happened.



Start time: 3:00pm, unless otherwise stated.



Number  Hare(s) Grid Ref. SU  Location  
27 Feb 19


Libby Ralph


Six Bells, Hale Road, Farnham

Park in pub car park

13 Mar 19


Tony Soane


Bramshill Plantation Car Park


27 Mar 19


John Elder


Car Park at rear of Tweseldown Inn


10 Apr 19 542 Anne Holland 875621 King's Ride, Camberley  
24 Apr 19 543 Richard McAllister 854511  Wellington Statue Car Park  
08 May 19 544 Colin Crofts 833444 Bat and Ball GU10 4SA
22 May 19 545        
05 Jun 19 546 Steve Wheeler ?      
19 Jun 19 547        
03 Jul 19 548        
17 Jun 19 549        










All participants are responsible for their own personal accident insurance cover.

The hash notes for a past event can be accessed quickly by clicking on the trail number above. Hashes in grey have already occurred.






























Absolutely Shocking

An extraordinary tale of suffering, electrocution and lacerations all in the name of avoiding a patch of shiggy by Les "Ever Ready" Salmon. This book is high voltage stuff and charged with excitement.



Readers Digest: "What a read! It's the sort of book that you simply can put down!"

Governor of the Bank of England:  "I can confidently predict that the DH3 rates will never increase."

Wally:  "I would not have written it this way."

Fruit'n Nut:  "Where's the next hash?"